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Over 40% of jobs will be replaced by machines in the coming century. You either can be in charge of a machine or be replaced. video


Personal Robot (ED)

  • cheap enaugh to fit most households budgets
  • easy to modify, extend and explore
  • distributed with proffesional-grade coding environment pre-configured to reduce learning curve and set of examples with permissive licencing ready to serve as a starting point for new projects



Delta type robot with easy to change geometry: video



Emacs with carefully chosen exstensions and pre-configured for smooth integration with ED software and sane defaults for any other software project.

Eclipse, CodeBlocks, KDevelop3 and Sublime Text 2 support provided trough CMake.

Smooth start demo

  • C++ based
  • fully cross-platform (Linux, Windows, MacOSX, mobile platforms)
  • multimedia rich (SFML OpenGL)
  • XML based HMI with LUA or Python as JavaScript like 'document logic' (librocket)
  • all boring tasks covered by proffesional-grade libraries already integrated (POCO Boost OpenCV)
  • easy extensible with scripting support (Lua Guile Python)
  • 1k lines of code
  • ideal base for variety of software projects (like MHMI)

Cloud Services